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NAIJ President discusses the challenge of combating implicit bias in our proceedings on KQED TV’s Newsroom on October 7, 2016.
(Her interview begins at the 20 minute mark)

NAIJ President Marks and Local Representative for Retired IJs, Eliza Klein, share their thoughts
The New York Times: How U.S. Immigration Judges Battle their own Prejudice, October 4, 2016

Spanish language newspaper La Opinion  interviews NAIJ President Dana Leigh Marks

NAIJ President discusses continuing backlogs at our nation’s Immigration Courts

NAIJ President Dana Leigh Marks discussed implicit bias in the ABA Judicial Division’s Judges’ Journal
ABA Judicial Division – DLM article announcement 12-8-15
ABA Judges Journal -Who,Me_Am-I-Guilty-of-Implici-Bias-2015

Justice prevails! Immigration Judge Ashley Tabaddor is vindicated in settlement with DOJ
Tabaddor -Agreement-Letter-from-EOIR-11-3-5
For more background, see:
NAIJ strongly supports the suit filed by Immigration Judge Ashley Tabaddor against the DOJ for violations of her constitutional
free speech and association rights and for discrimination.
2014-01-24 – NPR-WeekendEditionSaturday-Should-shared-ancestry-force-a-judges-recusal
Tabaddor-Lawsuit-Press- Release_8-12-14
Tabaddor-v-Holder- complaint_08-12-14

Past NAIJ President, Retired Immigration Judge, the Hon. John Gossart shares his perspective

Retired NAIJ Grievance Chair Eliza Klein tells it like it is!

Due Process in a Deluge: Minimum Procedures for Meaningful Fact-Finding on an Overloaded Docket from the August edition of the Federal Bar Association’s Federal Lawyer magazine helps NAIJ President Marks shed light on our proceedings

Executive Vice President Denise Slavin tells Al Jazeera about our plight

NAIJ President speaks on Univision

Immigration Director Calls for Overhaul of Broken System

Immigration Director Calls for Overhaul: Part 2

NAIJ President Dana Leigh Marks explains our current dilemma
2015-05-19, KCRW Interview, Press-Play-with-Madeleine-Brand- 5.19.15

San Francisco Court overwhelmed

NAIJ President Dana Leigh Marks is a Yahoo! News Power Player
‘The legal Cinderellas”: Immigration judges says court system has been ignored, underfunded

Check it out!
NAIJ President Marks makes her MSNBC debut with on the show of her idol, Melissa Harris-Perry

NPR checks back in with NAIJ President Marks – how has the situation changed since last July?

NAIJ President Dana Leigh Marks and Executive Vice President Denise Noonan Slavin are
National Press Club Newsmakers on August 27, 2014.
Take a tour with them through the alternative legal universe of our nation’s Immigration Courts.

PBS NewsHour looks at the crisis in the Immigration Courts

When Child Migrants Cross the Border,What Next Awaits Them?
NPR, All Things Considered

By NAIJ President Dana Leigh Marks – Op-Ed published on on June 25, 2014
Immigration judge: Death penalty cases in a traffic court setting

Interview with NAIJ President Dana Leigh Marks
National Public Radio, The Takeaway (March 2014)

Fabulous opinion piece by former NAIJ President, now retired, Judge John Gossart, February 26, 2014
Time to Fix Our Immigration Courts

NAIJ President speaks out for judicial independence
DLM – Blog – The Hill – Let Judges be Judges 5-9-13

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